‘THE TRAIN IN THE NIGHT: A Story of Music and Loss’
(published by Jonathan Cape, 2 February 2012)

How do you lose music? Then having lost it, what do you do next? Nick Coleman found out the morning he woke up to a world changed forever by Sudden Neurosensory Hearing Loss.

The Train in the Night is an account of one man’s struggle to recover from the loss of his greatest passion in life – and to go one step further than that: to restore his ability not only to hear but to think about and feel music.  Read more

“Nick Coleman takes his personal story, of a smitten music fan suddenly losing his hearing, and fashions it into an examination of what makes us who we are. Blown eardrums meet existential dread, as if the protagonist of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity had looked not just into the secondhand record racks, but into the void itself.” – Stewart Lee

 “A deft and heartfelt exploration of music, silence, adolescence, English pop and the emotional consequences of serious illness, and above all a discussion of something modern culture has very nearly lost touch with – the idea, and the desirability, of taste.” – D.J. Taylor